Indy BackPack Attack
5103 Madison Ave~ Indianapolis ~IN ~ 46227                                         Phone  317-554-8121                             
                                                                                                                               Hours: 8am -4pm
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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get involved with the Indy BackPack Attack?
At Indy BackPack Attack, we incorporate hundreds of local organizations to raise school supplies each year. To get involved, you can register to be a donor or a collection site, or you can volunteer your time at our warehouse. We are grateful from all of the support we receive from our community. They are essential to our success. 
My child attends IPS or a Mayor's Charter School. How do I get supplies?
Once we have received and organized all donations, we then donate them to local school social workers. This could range from your schools counselor to PIE. Contact your school for more information. 
Where do your donations go?
All donations made to the Indy BackPack Attack are given to the Indianapolis Public Schools and Mayor's Charter Schools.
My child does NOT attend IPS or a Mayor's Charter School. How do I get supplies?
I am not a part of an organization participating in the Indy BackPack Attack, can I still donate, and where?