Indy BackPack Attack
                                                            5103 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN   46227                                           317-554-8229
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Why we need your help:
- Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) currently enrolls approximately 32,000 students

87% of IPS families cannot afford basic school supplies. (based on free and reduced lunch program)

-Nearly 30% of all households in the Indianapolis area have incomes less than $25,000 per year (CBS News Report)

- The poverty rate among children under the age of 18 in Marion County is 31%, more than 11% higher than the rest of State counties 
2016 Indy BackPack Attack Report Card:
-153,482 supplies donated

-123 businesses participated

-More than 400 volunteers

2017 Indy BackPack Attack Goals:
-Collect 500,000 supplies

-More than 150 businesses participating 

-More than 400 volunteers 
Cell: 317-450-7353